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Spinal Cord Injury Fund announced

A new spinal cord injury endowment fund has been set up at the Vancouver Foundation to support the Rick Hansen Institute's mission to advance research and implement best practices that will improve the quality of life for individuals who live with spinal cord injury.


Update on the RHI-Hebrew University BioDesign Partnership

We are pleased to share an update on the RHI-Hebrew University of Jerusalem BioDesign Partnership that was announced last August. Guided by RHI, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and RHI-sponsored researcher, Dr. Yaron Blinder, two teams that participated in the one-year BioDesign Program developed solutions for common complications that affect people with SCI.


RHI welcomes new board member Ben Almond

The Rick Hansen Institute is pleased to announce the appointment of Ben Almond to the RHI Board of Directors. Ben Almond is the Regional Director, Canada at Jacobs a design, engineering, construction and technical services firm that provides innovative end-to-end solutions to their clients. In 2017, Ben was named one of Canada's Top 40 Under 40.


New Zealand SCI Registry, modeled after RHSCIR, releases annual report

Falls, sports, and vehicle accidents are the leading causes of traumatic injuries among the 161 people covered by the New Zealand Spinal Cord Injury Registry's (NZSCIR) first annual report. Degenerative disorders, infections and auto-immune diseases were the most common causes of non-traumatic injuries.


Share your views on the Rick Hansen Institute

On occasion, the Rick Hansen Institute shares information that we feel is important to our valued stakeholders. RHI is currently undergoing an independent review of its initiatives supported by the Government of Canada through Western Economic Diversification for the funding period from 2013-2018. The review is being conducted by Circum Network. This review is an opportunity to assess RHI's impact and progress during this funding period and support future planning.