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BC Pressure Injury Prevention Initiative

Pressure injuries are one of the most debilitating secondary complications for individuals with SCI with an estimated 95% of adults with SCI experiencing at least one pressure injury in their lifetime. Pressure injuries also represent one of the costliest preventable medical errors – in BC, the annual direct healthcare costs exceed $49 million, for a population of 6,000 individuals with traumatic SCI. In light of these staggering statistics, RHI is initiating a five-year process to prevent community-acquired pressure injuries (CAPIs) for British Columbians living with a SCI.

2017 CAPI poster

To learn more from key stakeholders within the province, RHI is organizing events in Kelowna and Victoria. Each city will host two events (supported by the BICP): a Pressure Injury Health Café  and a Pressure Injury Visioning Roundtable.

Health Cafés

Each Café consists of brief presentations on research, care and the SCI lived experience and small-group discussions in a casual and conversational setting.

These are free events, but registration is required. 

Register for the Kelowna Health Cafe!           Register for the Victoria Health Cafe!

Visioning Roundtables

Each Roundtable, which follows the Cafés, are focused on capturing regional perspectives on pressure injury research, care, services and consumers' lived experiences in the province.

The Roundtable events are by invite only, please contact Penny Clarke Richardson for more information.

In a collaborative environment that welcomes diverse and frank conversation across disciplines and affected communities, we hope to initiate a strategy that will dramatically reduce the human impact and financial costs of pressure injuries.

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